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    fashionable leathers are lightweight, offer beautiful color stories and a wide array of interesting textures and finish applications. These leathers are a perfect fit for women’s as well as men’s.


    Leathers in this category bring much needed performance features for today’s functional footwear. They offer protection with waterproofness, washability and breathability


    We source the wet-blue from all over the world, but mainly from Argentina ,USA, and Europe.
    Sort Wet-blues by grade--Sort the wet-blue to different grades to convenient for subsequent operations.
    Shaving--to ensure an even thickness is achieved for the entire side after splitting.

    Retanning & Dyeing Stage

    Rewetting:Wet back/Degreasing: The W/Bs needs to be re-hydrated, and impurities are removed
    Tanning & Retanning :chrome and retanning chemical is added to turn hides into leather.
    Neutralization:After being tanned, PH value of leather is adjusted to a level suitable for dyeing.
    Dyeing & Fat liquoring:The purpose of dyeing is to make satisfying customers requirements. The fiber elements dehydrated by tanning and coated with fat layer to give leather the desirable softness and hand feeling.
    Acid fixing:the purpose of acidification to bring down the PH value for fixing the dyes & fat liquors. 
    Rinse :After fixing process it is common to wash the skin to remove unfixed dyes &tanning & fat liquoring agent.

    Drying Process &Buffing Process

    Paste drying:Paste the leather on drying board to dry and to obtain an evenly flat side. Paste drying after dyeing. The pasting temperature usually is 70 degree. It takes about 20-30 minutes for each skin leather. Normally it has 70-80% dry
    Hang drying:There are two hang drying. One is natural hang drying, normally takes 2 days. The other is drying under oven. It takes 12-18 hours, the oven temperature is 70 degree.
    Buffing: To make longer fibers on the surface to become finer ones.
    Dusting: To clean the remaining power after buffing.
    Milling: Through the physics of tumbling in the drum, an appropriate degree of temper and nap on the surface is achieved

    Finishing Process

    The color of the leather material to meet the needs of customers, finishing is divided into ordinary processes and special processes, repair color after the leather material should be placed in the drum in the drum, the purpose of the drum is to make the leather more uniform color, and So that the body to achieve the appropriate soft and fluff and fluff.

    Packing Process

    Lab Physical Test >QC Inspection & Color Sorting >SATRA Grading >Measuring >Packaging
    SARAT Leather grading: grade the leather so that customer understand the leather usage rate.


    Ultra-fine fiber full name is "ultra-fine fiber reinforced leather." It has a very excellent wear resistance, excellent ventilation, Anti-aging performance, soft and comfortable, have a strong flexibility and now advocate the environmental effects.


    Under the same tannery roof, XJ also operates a leather trimming division which specialized in Trims for Apparel, Bags and Shoes. It offers different technology options include debossing, embossing, foiling and printing as well as special finishing and strives for value adding for the supply chain in terms of manufacturing diversity, cost efficient, fast delivery and risk free on RSL performance
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